• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The Cloud Done Faster

Welcome to the highest performing public Cloud Computing Service available. Our cloud services are more than 2x Faster than Amazon AWS EC2 as found in the results of the open source UnixBench synthetic benchmark. With an 80GB InfiniBand backbone, it’s lightning fast.


Build The Cloud You Need


Our cloud offering is the most flexible Cloud computing service available today.

While other providers limit you 24 CPU cores and 32GB RAM on a network with only a single connection, with our cloud you select the desired amount of processing power up to 62 CPU cores, up to 240GB RAM and the block storage required for your workloads. Plus you have complete network freedom to design and configure any virtual data center architecture you can dream up.

Build a fully customized Cloud infrastructure to match your on-site infrastructure. Cloud Servers, Storage, and Networks mimic the physical infrastructure you are used to and are easily customized to meet your specific workload requirements.



Easy to implement

Your team doesn’t need to retrain to use our Cloud services. Spin up a production ready virtual cloud infrastructure in a matter of hours, not weeks. And with the Data Center Management tool, you’ll have visual control over your entire cloud data center.

Easy to use

The revolutionary Data Center Designer graphical interface (or via API) makes it easy to design, configure, provision, and manage your complete Virtual Data Center in the Cloud.

All of our Cloud Computing accounts include access to the API and the integrated Data Center Management tool, the Data Center Designer which makes it easier to design, configure, provision, and manage your virtual environment all with a drag-and-drop interface.

Easy to migrate

We understand the always-on business. With key partnerships in place, our cloud service team can help you easily migrate your physical or virtual servers to the cloud with zero downtime! 


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