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Colocation, also known as cloud computing and cloud hosting, is the process of storing your data in one location while accessing it at another.


All industries are moving to cloud and colocation services to ensure constant data access and protection.


BlueLine Services has partnerships with many DFW-based, Tier-4 Data Centers to provide the most secure facilities for our client’s data. Each location provides SASE16 certified facilities that meet the most stringent government regulations for data privacy and protection.

We employ the very best servers, storage, and networking equipment for high availability and performance as the backbone of our virtual systems, storage and networking. Each component has a 24-month usage life before being updated.

The BlueLine Help Desk Support team provides round-the-clock performance monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your data is protected and available. With our Colocation Services, your data is backed up and stored both locally and off site. This is the most secure practice to protect your data in the event of a loss or interruption.

With our secured, high-availability environment, monitoring tools, and data management service, we are able to provide you with a data-availability guarantee and continual peace of mind.



How to figure your monthly cost for a Cloud Service plan

  1. Select a Cloud Service plan that best suits your needs.
  2. Select an Onsite Service plan for your users (this is a per user charge).
  3. Select an Optional Add-on services. 
  4. Add them up for an estimate of your monthly cost!

Add-on options for your level of Cloud Services and Users

vCTO - Virtual Chief Technology Office (vCTO): This service provides you with all the our technical consulting expertise and industry knowledge to best provide your company with an IT plan for success. As your vCTO, BlueLine concentrates on improving the mesh between tasks, technology and staff and provides long-term planning and management to help shape the fit of technology to human needs, growth, and a successful future. 

It is our philosophy that technology is best employed when a full understanding of the workload and expectations of the environment is determined. Our recommendations are based on years of management experience setting up and supporting IT in all sized environments. 

Set-up fees apply for Host Service migration, Datto, Office 365, and MobileIron.

(This is an estimate, please contact us for a formal quote)


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